Tamastslikt Cultural Institute for Fourth Graders

Carnegie Picture Lab, Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, and enhanced by Leslie Hanson-Anderson’s history unit developed from concepts of the Confluence Project, have partnered to provide the participating Fourth Grades Field Trip, to explore the world of our local tribal art and Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Our 4th grade goal is to take our participating schools on a field trip to the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton, OR. This is a partnership between Carnegie Picture Lab, Tamastslikt Cultural Institute’s 4th grade curriculum and WA state’s fourth grade curriculum standards and WA State History GLEs units and CBA: Dig deep.

Every spring, while the accompanying 4th curriculum is occurring, we will bring the schools down over a 3 week time period. Our field trip mission has been to provide pre-trip curriculum. Tamastslikt has provided posters, books, CD, resources, all particularly built for the 4th grade. This field trip will enhance learning about native cultures, with a focus on art. During the visit to the Tamastslikt Institute in Pendleton, the children have the opportunity to tour the museum exhibits, the visiting exhibit, participate in song and storytelling activities, play traditional games, and to use block printing to study tribal symbols.

At Carnegie Picture Lab, we found this was an excellent opportunity to partner and achieve exposure to all children while servicing a need; exposure to our local tribal’s arts and culture.

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Handy guide for parents & teachers:

  1. Introduction letter – explaining field trip and connection to GLE standards
  2. Teacher’s Guide (provided by T.C.I.)
  3. Study Guide and Answer Sheet (to accompany museum tour)
  4. PowerPoint
  5. Instructions for Ititamat
  6. Instructions for Parfleche bags


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