How It Works

Every year three artists are carefully selected by the Curriculum Committee to provide a balanced art enrichment experience. Over the course of six years, no artist is repeated – giving children in the program a broad range of art education through their K – 5 years.

A Picture Lab presenter visits each classroom in each participating school three times over the course of the school year. All presenters receive training three times a year and excellent research materials are provided to enhance their presentation. Age-appropriate lessons are a combination of large format posters, PowerPoint or overhead slides followed by a hands-on art lesson that compliments the featured artist. This may focus on technique, creative theory, or both. Most lessons are between 50 and 120 minutes depending on the teacher and time allowed. Careful attention is placed on lecture content, visual materials and the art materials selected and the organization puts an emphasis on quality over quantity. Planning is very collaborative and the organization works to provide the best experience possible for students and volunteer presenters.

Everything required to make the lesson successful is assembled in advance as a kit at the Picture Lab Studio and bought into the classroom by the volunteer presenters. Advance materials are provided for teachers to prep their students if desired and books on each artist are made available at no cost to each school library. Surveys and feedback forms are regularly collected to help the organization improve.

An in-school volunteer advocate is selected to represent each school. The advocate interfaces with the school principal and is responsible for managing classroom volunteers and scheduling time in the classroom with the teachers. The program currently has over 60 volunteers working in Walla Walla Valley schools. Training is mandatory and conducted at the Picture Lab studio by the Curriculum Committee members as well as guest community artists.

Carnegie Picture Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on art eduction in Walla Walla valley schools. Read more about CPL here .