CPL donates books about the year’s artists to school and local public libraries. If you would enjoy using any of these books in your art lesson, please contact your school’s library ahead of time!


Diego Rivera books:

Vincent Van Gogh books:

Georgia O’Keeffe books:


Frida Kahlo books:

  • Frida by Jonah Winter
  • Frida Kahlo: The Brush of Anguish by Martha Zamora

Photography Books:

  • Click Click Click! Photography for Children by George Sullivan


Romare Bearden books:

  • My Hands Sing the Blues by Jeanne Walker Harvey, 2011
  • Li’l Dan, the Drummer Boy:.. by Bearden and Angelou, 2003
  • The Block by Langston Hughes, 1995

Exploring ‘The Dot’ in Visual Arts books:

  • The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
  • Wham! The Art and Life of Roy Lichtenstein by Susan Goldman Rubin
  • Big Rain Coming by Germein (Aboriginal Art)
  • Tjarany/Roughtail by Gracie Green
  • Chuck Close: Face Book by Chuck Close
Andy Goldsworthy books:
  • All published artist books, different titles at different schools
  • Rivers and Tides (Documentary)

Emily Carr books:

  • Four Pictures by Emily Carr by Nicolas Debon
  • The Book of Small by Emily Carr
  • Emily Carr and her dogs: Flirt, Punk, and Loo by Emily Carr
  • Emily Carr’s Woo by Constance Horne
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