Volunteer teachers are always needed to bring art history lessons and creative art projects into 12 K-5 schools in the Walla Walla Valley. Training workshops and the artist schedule can be found below. Volunteer Advocates guide the volunteers at each school, they are listed below. Questions? Write: info@carnegiepicturelab.com
Artists 2017-2018
 Artist Rotation Schedule

School & Advocate List
Edison: Leah Crudup
Blue Ridge: Kristie Coleman
Berney: Darcia Darcy
Sharpstein: Noel Sanders
Prospect Point: Liz Fraser
Green Park: Karen Fuller
Davis: Judy Jackley and Jane Drabek
Assumption: Chrisy Jones
Bonnie Clancy
: Suze Wood

Volunteer Information

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Carnegie Picture Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on art eduction in Walla Walla valley schools. Read more about CPL here .